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What do I need to know about dropping off an animal?

  • Before you drop off make sure you have reviewed our FAQ page to see if your animal is accepted. (i.e. We do not accept animals with horns more than half the length of their ear. )
  • No animals are allowed on the premises overnight. Drop off begins at 7 am on the morning of your appointment. Please do not be late. We need a  minimum of 24 hour notice for appointment changes.
  • If no one is in the back, Call 615-374-7990 . USDA appointments drop offs are supervised by the on-site inspector.
  • If you are a producer for multiple customers, please have ready all customer contact information to give to the front office. We need signed copies of the financial statement emailed ahead of time if we will not see the customer until pick up. 
  • Weights will be sent at the end of the day for those who ask. An animal is not weighed at drop off but weighed upon entering the harvest floor.
  • We need to know if a customer wants to keep their variety/organ meats right away.
  • If you are not very familiar with the processing of a beef, we recommend this publication. Visit our resources page for other helpful information.
  • You can expect a 3 week turn around in picking up a beef. Lambs, goats, and hogs should be ready in about a week after dropping off. Holidays and weekends may affect this schedule. We will call you when it is ready to pick up.
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